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Tukatak doesn't just send a boring job alert, using our smart technology we combine multiple revenue streams in one enabling you to earn a passive income that's more than any other partner program.

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Jobseeker Experience

The Tukatak team constantly improves the system to provide the best user experience and don't worry, emails are sent at sensible times so you won't receive any complaints from your users getting woken up at 4am on a Sunday.


We like reports that make sense and so should you, we use smart technology for anomaly detection and we wont leave you waiting for an explanation, our dedicated support team are available 24/7 to assist you.


Tukatak pays on the last Friday of every month for the previous months activity providing the due amount is greater than £50, otherwise the funds are rolled over to the next month. International payments are also supported.

Professional account managers that will never leave you waiting or having to chase.

Quick and easy setup with multiple integration options including file upload, API and widgets.

Unlimited earning potential, the more job seekers added the more passive income you earn.

Automatically reengage with your audience after they have been inactive for a period of time.

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